I Should Not Have to Work Today

Originally posted on MySpace on July 3rd, 2006

It’s 4:19 on Monday, July 3rd, and I am at work. I have been here all day and I want to go home. No leaving early, no day off. 90 percent the office isn’t even here. I think the phone has rang a total of ten times today. I never do these blog things because I feel like I’m rambling about nothing that no one actually reads, but I am bored so ramble I shall.

It is 4:22. 38 minutes to go. But I’m not counting. The day has gone surprisingly fast considering I spent most of it on MySpace and looking up wedding nonsense. (And it is all nonsense let me assure you) I did spend a fair amount of time looking up information on reasonably priced, high quality golf shirts and the prices to have them embroidered with our company logo.

Is this where my college education has truly led me? To answer phones, file papers, send faxes, make copies and research prices for shirts? I guess I can’t complain too much since it’s paying the bills, but it’s not really sparking a passion for me. C’est la vie…

It’s 4:27. Damn, it’s only been 5 minutes! At least we have tomorrow off so I can lay by the pool and drink some beers, eat some good food and head off to watch a cool fireworks show. I love the Fourth of July. I love fireworks. I really wish Josh didn’t have to work. There is something romantic about fireworks that it makes me sad that I won’t be spending it with him. That’s okay. I know we won’t be working next year and we can enjoy it all.

It’s 4:39. I got distracted for a few there, so a little bit of time actually went by. 21 more minutes. I know that I am making time go by slower by counting, but yet I do it anyway. 19 minutes.

I witnessed something phenomenal this weekend. While camping in Rocky Mtn. Nat’l Park with my family, our campground was struck by lightning. It was one of the most incredible things that I have ever experienced. It was so loud, it sounded like a bomb went off. The lightning and thunder were simultaneous. The whole camper lit up as the sky cracked open. My poor nieces and nephews were screaming and scared. I was scared too, but strangely my first instinct was to protect them. Does this mean I can be a good mother? When we went to check it out the next morning, we saw that two trees had been hit, one basically imploding from the inside out. The lightning had dug a small trench in the ground from the base of the larger tree all the way to the water. I will post pictures as soon as I get them uploaded, although they don’t do it justice. It was amazing. It made me feel small and insignificant in comparison to the earth. So much can happen in an instant that is uncontrollable by the human race. And I remain in awe of lightning and thunder mostly because I don’t truly understand what is happening. Maybe I will get some information on that.

It’s 4:48. 12 minutes. Weather baffles me in general. Especially Colorado weather. How can I be laying in the hot sun jet skiing at Chatfield, to driving to Boulder a few hours later in a wind storm, to getting to the restaurant in time for snow to be falling? (Oh yes, this really happened, albeit a few years ago.)

It’s 4:54. A phone call has let a few more minutes tick by. I guess I should do last rounds, pack up and get outta here. My feet are freezing. The area where my desk is compares itself to an icebox. I have a space heater under my desk that doesn’t usually get used in the winter. I have used it 4 times since starting this job…a month ago. So cold in the middle of summer that I need a space heater under my desk. I am wearing a heavy sweater as I do most days, and I think it’s about 80 degrees outside. Oh the irony. Most of the time my hands are so cold, it is difficult to type. Well, at least I have my own desk. And a computer with Internet access. It could be worse.

It’s 4:57. I’m going home now. Thanks for letting me ramble for my last 40 minutes of work. Happy fourth!!

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