Holy crap, it’s almost Halloween…

Originally posted on MySpace October 15, 2006

My previous blog about quickly passing time continues to prove itself daily. My birthday has come and gone, October is halfway over, and Thanksgiving is on the horizon. Where does it all go? And more importantly, am I doing the most with what I am given?

The answer is probably not, but I do my best. Wedding plans are in full swing and more deposits are being paid every day. That takes up most of my time, beside my job of course. It’s exciting and strange all at once. I get into the groove and make decisions, and then it hits me that all of this is for my wedding. It always takes me aback and I have to stop, breathe, and then continue as I must.

I am seriously considering getting into the wedding business. I am not joking. It is a lucrative business and it’s pretty fun. Maybe I’m just saying that b/c I’m a girl, but I am really enjoying the planning. And I think with the right group of people, we could be very successful. Within my close group of friends, we easily have a wedding coordinator, a baker, a chef (or two, or three), a photographer, a videographer, a writer, PR and Marketing, a (sort of) accountant, a florist, designers galore, hell we even have a lawyer. We could have our own little wedding mecca. One of us just needs to get ordained in an Interfaith ministry, and we are good to go. The more I think about it, the better of an idea it becomes. Of course, I have yet to approach my friends with this idea. Someone once told me that a person has a million dollar idea every week; one just fails to act on it. I wonder if this is one I should light a fire under.

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