…on the bandwagon

Since recently being accused of being on the Rockies Bandwagon (which is emphatically ludicrous), I have decided to get on a different bandwagon: the blogging bandwagon. I have done a little bit of blogging on my MySpace, but as my illustrious cousin TC Howe pointed out, and I’m paraphrasing here, it’s not as versatile, aka it sucks. SO I plan on copying him completely, reposting my MySpace blogs on this blog, and then maybe writing a little something new now and again. It is 4:59 p.m., quittin’ time. The Rockies game starts in a little over 3 hours and I need to go home and feed my furry children. So I will introduce myself at a later date (hopefully not too much later), and maybe have something worthwhile to say from time to time. Then again….maybe not.

2 thoughts on “…on the bandwagon

  1. I can attest that you are not on the Rockies Bandwagon. This is becuase I am driving the actual flaming purple bandwagon around NorCal this week. I checked. You weren’t in it. Yes… BTW… What’s up! Congrats on the wedding! I am totally winning however as I had my second 6 days before you had your first.

  2. Haha wow Captain Original, that’s okay I bet thousands of people did what we did! Myspace blogs were eh, having a site devoted just to blogging feels more…significant? Write on cousin, write on, I’m loving your writing and I’m not just trying to be nice, it’s making me miss Colorado even more ya bastard!

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