Just a List…

My mind is abuzz with a bunch of things I wanted to write about, but I’m on a time crunch and I wanted to get a few things out before they escape me completely. Hopefully I’ll expound on some of these topics at a later time.

  • Just because I’m barely hanging on to the bottom of this corporate ladder is no reason to talk down to me. I’m a person too.
  • What is it about America’s Next Top Model that kept me mesmerized all weekend long with its marathon on MTV?
  • Breakfast burritos are one of man’s greatest accomplishments.
  • There is something to be said for a good workout. Especially because I sleep like a rock afterward.
  • Why does my female dog insist on eating her droppings? It is the most disgusting thing ever and it makes me queasy just writing it.
  • I am going to the east coast in two months and I cannot wait!!
  • “Africa” by Toto is one of the greatest songs ever. I’m sorry if you disagree with me, but when that chorus comes in, I dare you to not sing it out with all your heart.
  • Lost starts in two weeks and I am on pins and needles.
  • The Writers Strike makes me sad. And it continues to make me upset about Corporate America. Sometimes I want to move to Canada or Australia.
  • It is ridiculously cold outside. Barely over 20 degrees. Oh yeah, and the air is on in my office.
  • I miss karaoke…

That’s all the time we have for today, but join us next time for some (hopefully) witty banter and ranting. Until then, good night and good luck.

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