Why I Strongly Dislike the Radio and Other Rants

So the sound on my work computer decided to stop working about four or five months ago. This was very distressing. Not only was I unable to enjoy breaks throughout my week with YouTube videos and funny MP3s, but my music listening pleasure was abruptly halted. What it came down to is that I have to now listen to the crappy, circa-1999, CD Player/Clock Radio on my desk. If you haven’t noticed by now, I like to make lists, so here are: 1) Reasons I strongly dislike the radio 2) How the radio has affected me and 3) Other, possibly random, ranting.

  • If I want to listen to the same song every hour, I’ll illegally download the album and put it on repeat.
  • If I have to hear one more Nickelback song I might cut off an appendage. Is it just me or does every single song sound the same? And must the lead singer growl?? If you want to listen to my opinion of a good Nickelback song, I challenge you to go back eight years. Leader of Men. Good lyrics, good melodies, great harmonies, good song.
  • I LOATHE commercials. They are the devil’s creation and I have little to no patience for them. So I spend a good 20-30 minutes of my day scanning for a song I can tolerate. I’m sure my boss would be stoked to know that.
  • Since this “CD Player” (and I use the term loosely) is about a decade old, it is not compatible with burned CDs. You want to put a damper on your day? Bring in an awesome ‘90s mix to lift your spirits, and then have the monstrosity come back and say “no disc”. May as well have said, “no marky mark and the funky bunch for you. ha. ha.
  • A general statement I can confidently make about myself is that I ♥ Dave Matthews Band. While I haven’t enjoyed their more recent offerings as much as everything prior to (and including) Before These Crowded Streets, my love for the music has never stalled. That being said, “Ants Marching” is the most overplayed DMB song ever. And because of my radio dependency, I have, tragically, become sick of this song.
  • Another general statement I can make about myself is that I do not care for country music. I don’t hate it nor do I judge people who like it. It’s just not for me. And there are songs I like here and there. I will admit they are mostly those “crossover” songs that make it on the pop charts. But those are crossover songs for a reason – they are less country and more pop, which allows me to ignore the country-ness about them (twangy guitars, hoe-down fiddles, warbling vocals, lyrics about trucks, dogs, hunting and such). However, when there are blatant country songs on a non-country station, I feel betrayed. You hurt me deep Mix 100. Real deep.
  • Colbie Caillat: You have a very pretty voice. Please allow them to play other songs of yours because I don’t care about the tips of your toes or nose or whatever the hell you are singing about anymore because it’s played ALL THE TIME.

OK, that’s all I can do right now because I keep interrupting myself with having to scan for a new radio station, AND because I am leaving for Aspen tonight to go to the X Games which is going to be pretty much amazing. Maybe Monday I’ll have a killer story about meeting Shaun White and Danny Kass. Or maybe I’ll just be back at work, continuing my hate/hate relationship with the clock radio. Only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Why I Strongly Dislike the Radio and Other Rants

  1. Yes we just might be meeting the “flying tomato”! And I feel your pain about radio stations but I have my iPod plugged into everything so I hardly listen to the horrible sounds of over played music. You should invest in one.

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