It’s (not) Too Late to Apologize

So last post was a bit more bitter than I like to keep the flavor on this blog. It was like too much vermouth (and I don’t even drink martinis!). I apologize to my faithful reader for that. Although we had an incredible time in Aspen, it was a six hour trip both up and back (normally 3.5 one way), the people were snobby and I was still very tired. But that doesn’t excuse my taking it out on the blog. I will admit, however, it is nice to have a place to vent; but I do try to keep my ranting light and somewhat witty (at least that’s what my reader *cough* me *cough* tells me).

But now I am stuck for a topic today. Yes, I made that list awhile back, but none of those are really sparking the writing bug in me. Except “Africa”. I could listen to that song ten times in a row right now – but can’t because I’m still in an unhealthy relationship with the clock radio. We (meaning just me) were told that I should have sound by the end of last week, but alas! NO! So now we’re back on the waiting list. Story developing…

Anyway, back to my lack of topic. This led me to rack my brain to think of something interesting to tell you. And I don’t really have anything interesting to report. We had a Super Bowl party last weekend; I spent the first two and a half quarters in the kitchen. (Which totally didn’t matter becuase did you SEE that last quarter?!?! A-MAY-zing! What a great finish!) Husband’s birthday is this Sunday and we have a fun dinner planned. Going to the mountains the week after that and can’t wait to ski because it will most likely be the only time I can this season. That’s pretty much the highlights right there.

So in an effort to give you something worth talking about at the water cooler, I’ve decided to tell you my big secret. (But is it really a secret when the two people that regularly read your blog already know? Hmmm…) Regardless, I’ve decided to spill the beans because it’s on my mind constantly and I can’t write about it, hint at it, nothing, and I feel it’s holding me back.

Wait a sec…here is one of those rare times when the radio comes thru for me. “Pump Up the Jam” by Technotronic just came on. “Get your booty on the floor tonight. Make my day. Make my dayeeee. Make my, make my, make make my day.” Poetic.

Anywho, back to the point. I have big news. Life changing news (at least for me). And so I share it now with you. In about 6.5 months, Husband and I are going to be entering that crazy ‘hood. You know the one I’m talking about. Parenthood.


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