Sometimes It All Falls Apart…

Here is a list why 2009 has been quite the emotional rollercoaster for me so far (and it’s only been 6 weeks since its inception):

  • Many of our Christmas cards came back because of wrong addresses and such. You can imagine my surprise when one of them, intended for my great uncle, came back and someone had written ‘Deceased’ on it. I immediately called my mom and asked her if she just forgot to tell me he had died. She said no, gave me a different address and made me feel generally better. Then I received a voicemail from her not a half an hour later saying she had called a cousin in Boise just to be sure. Yes, my Great Uncle Bob had died – nine months ago – and nobody bothered to tell my mom. I remember crumpling on the floor and sobbing for an hour.
  • Two days later, my cousin Julia lost her battle with cancer.
  • One of my best friends’ house was broken into and in addition to many items in the house, their car was also stolen.
  • The Husband started his own production company and got financed, which was extremely exciting, and validating for him and his talent.
  • Barack Obama took the oath of President of the United States. I felt I was a part of history that day.
  • A girlfriend of mine at the office got in a car accident.
  • Two days later, The Husband got in a car accident with X in the car.
  • One week later, I got in a car accident.
  • The police found my friends car.
  • A friend had a healthy baby girl.
  • A close family friend has MS and is consistently in a large amount of pain. I saw her over the weekend, and while in good spirits, at one point, she fell down and couldn’t walk. It was quite possibly one of the scariest things I have ever seen.
  • The police caught the guy who stole all my friend’s stuff. They are pressing charges and have a very strong case against him.
  • The guy was a creep and had a lot of my friend’s undergarments and her picture up on the wall.
  • A friend had a healthy baby boy.
  • Friends of ours lost their eleven-month-old daughter yesterday. Even as I type it, I can’t believe it is real. They were at our house for the Super Bowl and she was crawling all over the place, climbing up my leg. She had on the cutest damn outfit, a little jean skirt and baby boots with fringe. My heart is aching and the flow of tears is impossible to ebb. I can’t help but imagine the horror if this happened to me, to my little X man. My throat closes at the thought. I struggle to breathe as I think of Sean and Wendy and the nightmare they must be wishing they could wake up from.

Rest in Peace, Little Lila. You are a sweet angel.

One thought on “Sometimes It All Falls Apart…

  1. Holy hell 2009 has been insane for you, I know it’s cliche but I guess I the saying when it rains it pours could apply to your new year thus far. PS- to your comment on my thing, that was a post in error, I have to delete that but I can’t decide! Brigit wants to buy a house in Charlotte which could be a lot of fun, so we’ll see what happens but I feel if I go there and not CO, I will regret not being around all of you, my awesome extended fam.PPS- Remember that time you were pregnant with X and fell down the stairs at the shorehouse? Don’t worry, before the little guy was breathing oxygen he was tough, he’s here to stay, just don’t let me play baseball with him…i.e. Sam @ Frisco Fiasco lol

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