I Feel Fat Today (FF)

Today, I feel fat. I feel pretty blah in general. And to make matters worse, I worked out twice today. I had a fairly intense swim at five o’clock this morning, and I just finished my 60 minute circuit training workout. And I feel as though I haven’t lost a pound. Pants that just last week were beginning to feel loose are now snug again. Yesterday, I felt strong and energized during my workout; today, I feel sluggish.

It would be at this time, in the past, when I would give up. I would think, this obviously isn’t working. The time I spend in the gym sweating and in the kitchen measuring portions is doing nothing. I should just enjoy myself and eat what I want. It is taking every ounce of will power not to walk up to the front desk of my office and grab a handful of assorted candy bars.

But have to remember how far I have already come. I am stronger than I’ve been in years. I’m sleeping more soundly and peacefully. And this is just one day. It won’t last. There is always tomorrow.

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