New Month, New Goals (FF)

I set some new goals this month; more attainable, measurable goals. Hopefully posting them here will keep me more accountable.

Daily: Maintain my food diary and exercise log (courtesy of myfitnesspal), stay vigilant in counting every calorie, and not overeating!

Weekly: Hit a minimum burn of 1500 calories via exercise. The more burned is, as expected, the merrier.

Six weeks: Looking to be down 10-12 pounds. If I am averaging ~2 lbs a week, this is easily attainable. This will be right before Christmas and hopefully make working out after the new year just a continuation.

Challenges I foresee: We close on our new house in just over six weeks, so packing and preparing for that move are going to take up a significant portion of my time. I do think, though, with a set routine, I can workout, stay employed, be a wife and super mom, and create the home we’ve always wanted.

Another challenge: Um…turkey, dressing, garlic mashed potatoes, cream cheese mashed potatoes, gravy, pie, pie, and more pie. The holidays offer many opportunities to fall off the wagon. While I certainly won’t be depriving myself these delectable eats, I hope to stay conscious of what my body actually needs vs. what my mind and taste buds want.

Everything in moderation…except working out. Go hard or go home!

Happy Friday!

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