Jailbreak! – Originally Posted on CaringBridge

Today we are moving Mom to a skilled nursing facility close to my parents’ home in Centennial, Someren Glen. We really wanted to have her home for Christmas, but the level of care she needs outweighs what we as a family are able to give. As I type this, Michelle and Wayne are busy decorating her new room with comforts from home.

Mom’s breathing has been fairly steady, only becoming difficult after she moves around a lot. I am concerned about how moving her to the facility will affect her. Hopefully we can keep her calm for the short ride so as not to trigger a coughing fit. 

Mom’s been trying to rest today, but as usual, she’ll sleep for a few minutes and then pop up wondering where she is, what’s happening, should she be doing something…relaxing does not seem to be in her DNA. 🙂

We are rearranging our plans for Christmas Day. The facility is thankfully able to accommodate our giant family – the healthy ones, anyway – and so we are delegating food and jobs. Mom seems to be holding on until then, asking how many days until Christmas. “The only thing I want for Christmas is a glass of wine. Just one glass, then I’ll be good.”

Seems a simple wish we can easily grant.

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