50 Day Body Transformation (FF)

Well, it’s here. 2015, you sure sneaked up on us. What will be different about you? How will you surprise us, knock us down, help us back up? How can we, as writers and hopeful motivators, help our readers and community? As we brainstormed what we could do to better the blog, we found that both of us were lacking motivation in our own lives, and until we get ourselves right, it’s hard to do our best for you.

So, we started to talk more about what we wanted to do to get back in our top fitness

game when the Universe intervened with a most incredible opportunity. Jamie Atlas, 5280’s Top of the Town Trainer of the Year for four years in a row, reached out to us about the 50 Day Total Body Transformation he created at his gym, Bonza Bodies.  (Read our Tour de FIT review to see how much fun we had training there.) Three workouts a week, two 30 minute personal training sessions, meal plan, recipes, and the support of an interactive community – it was an offer we couldn’t turn down! 

We will be blogging weekly about our journey over the next 50 days. You can expect updates every Monday, pictures throughout the week of workouts and meals, and any other odds and ends that tickle our fancy. Hopefully this will give some good insight on the similarities and differences of our personal challenges and the results that each of us will get. 

Before picture – we so excited!

Like we preach, we are setting short and long-term goals for these 50 days, and then we’ll pat ourselves on the back (who are we kidding, we’ll likely be doing major jumping and dancing), reevaluate, and make plans to move forward in our journeys.

Andrea: I love a challenge, and I’m super excited about this one. My long-term goal is to lose 10-15 pounds, which I think is doable, though it will require me to work harder than I have recently. Thankfully, the lovely trainers at Bonza Bodies will help push me to achieve my best. Short-term is to keep my eating habits on point, with the holidays gone this should be a little easier than it has been. Also, to get back on a regular workout schedule, and with this plan that should be no problem. My why? To feel better, to not be so sluggish, and to kick ass in all of the fitness events I plan to do this year. Overall, I’m looking to tone up, slim down, and keep my eyes forward. Progress is ahead. 

Rebecca: My long-term goal for this 50 days is to lose 30-35 pounds – it seems lofty when I write it out, but I am trusting Jamie and the process. If I show up, work hard, and most importantly, stick with the food plan, I think it’s doable. I broke it down so I have a 15-day goal of 10 pounds, 30-day goal of 20 pounds, and that last 10-15 pounds by the end of the challenge. Other, more specific goals include being able to see my abs and biceps again, no more back rolls, and to not (feel like I) need Spanx anymore (amirite?!). Short-term goals are to follow the eating plan and track my food, write in my journal every day, workout six days a week, do my best, ask for and accept help, and take it one day at a time. I have always struggled with getting wrapped up in the outcome, and it has already crossed my mind several times since we committed to this just a week ago. Yes, I am motivated by the end goal, but taking it hour-by-hour forces me to stay present and not fail before I even start. My mantra for the next 50 days: Just Do the Next Right Thing.

We are SO grateful to Jamie and the energetic, amazing Bonza Bodies crew for giving us this opportunity and we are looking forward to spending the next 50 47 days with you!

~Andrea & Rebecca
Inspire. Motivate. Move.

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