For Us

I feel fortunate to know so many different people from unique places, backgrounds, and beliefs. I feel fortunate that (usually) there is mutual respect and an honest desire to understand why we think the way we do. Why we’re so steadfast in our ideals. I’ve learned a lot from listening to the people I disagree with and taking time to really hear them. So in that vein, I share the reasons why I march.


As a woman who has been talked down to and waved aside because of my gender.

As a survivor of sexual harassment and assault.

As an American of Mexican descent who has witnessed too many instances of discrimination and negligence against people of color.

As an ally of the LGBTQ+ Americans so that my friends’ marriages and children remain legal and sacred.

As a writer whose words will not be censored, to give voice to the voiceless.

As a recipient of benefits from the Affordable Care Act.

As the granddaughter of an undocumented immigrant who came to this country for a better life.

As a recipient of healthcare from Planned Parenthood who was able to stop the cervical cancer before it started because of the prescreening services they offer.

As a mother who wants her sons to be compassionate, kind individuals with confident strength of character.

As an ally for all people with a disability.

As the daughter of a Marine and unwavering supporter of our armed forces.

As an advocate for our planet and the future home of my children.

As an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement.

As a defender of your right to disagree with me.

As an American who has been afforded immeasurable privilege because of my pallor.

As a fighter for equal human rights for all.

As a believer in the impenetrable strength of the human spirit and the kindness of strangers.

I march as a human being. I march with human beings. I march for human beings.


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